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Opportunity for a Mental Health Clinician

The geographic area is in desperate need for a clinician with psychotropic prescribing privileges for adults and/or children. Currently the only service available is through telehealth and the area is underserved. Many patients prefer in-person services if available and we would like to be able to provide this for them.

 In addition therapists are also desperately needed in our area and would also have access to an underserved population. There are several different available offices in the building , however you would be responsible for your own space rent.

Under the business's umbrella you would have the services of the Medical Administrative Staff, our electronic health record (TherapyNotes) and billing system, as well as, our advertising and patient referral system. You can come in as an independent practitioner within the practice and collect income from your patients directly or as an employee of the practice.  An agreed upon monetary split will be written up in a services contract using current industry standards or below.

 Both positions are flexible in many ways.


We are located in a newer, well kept building, centrally located with easy access to parking, shopping, restaurants and public services. It meets the ADA's handicapped accessibility requirements. Contact us for more information.